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Searching for Technical Bulletins & Recalls in Auto Repair Reference Center

After you've searched for your vehicle in ARRC, you can access technical bulletins & recalls information for the vehicle.

To search for Technical Bulletins and Recalls:

  1. Search for your vehicle using the Find Your Vehicle tool on the Home screen.

  2. Select Technical Bulletins & Recalls from the list of available topics.

  3. Search using the Find field on the left or select from the available Contents list below.

    technical bulletins and recalls

  4. Make selections until you get to the specific technical bulletin or recall you wish to read.

    download, print or email pdf

    Download PDF — Click the Download PDF link to save the page you are viewing to your computer in PDF format.

    Print & Email Version — Click the Print & Email Version link to access a version that can be printed or emailed in PDF format.