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Accel5 - Using the Activity Widget

The Activity widget displays the Book Summaries, Videos, and Articles you find in Accel5 and tracks your progress so you can return to reading them at a later time.

To use the Activity widget:

  1. On the Home screen, click the plus-sign (+) next to Activity .

    click the Plus Sign icon to open Activity

  2. The In Progress tab displays content that you have begun to read but have not yet completed. Click the Continue button to pick up where you left off or click the expander arrow to view the details of a summary, video, or article.

    In Progress tab

  3. The Completed tab displays content that you have finished reading or watching. You can return to a page by clicking the View button.

    Completed tab

  4. The Bookmarks tab displays the content you have bookmarked as well as custom folders you create for those bookmarks. Click the View link to return to a bookmarked page.

    Bookmarks tab

    Click the expander arrow to view details about the content. You can remove bookmarks by clicking the Remove Bookmark link.

    Bookmark tab options