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Accel5 - How to Use Bookmarks and Folders

Accel5 includes a feature that allows you to bookmark content for viewing at a later time. In addition, you can create custom folders for your bookmarked content to store them based on topic.

Bookmarking Content in Accel5

To bookmark Accel5 content to a custom folder:

  1. When you've found a book summary, video, or article you would like to bookmark, click the Bookmark icon in the tools in the upper-right.

    Bookmark icon

  2. If you would like to save it to the My Bookmarks folder, enter a Note about the content (optional) and click the Save button.


    If you would like to create a new custom folder to save it to, click the drop-down menu and select Create New Folder.

    Folder drop-down menu

  3. Enter a name for your new folder in the Folder Name field and click the Save button.

    Custom Folder Name

  4. Your content is saved in your new folder.

Accessing your Bookmarked Content
  1. Click the plus-sign (+) next to Activity on the Accel5 Home screen.

    Activity menu link

  2. Click the Bookmarks tab to view the My Bookmarks folder and your Custom folders. Click the title of a folder to view its contents.

    Bookmarks tab

  3. You can edit a custom folder's title or remove it completely using the icons below the Bookmarks tab.

    Note: When you select to delete a custom folder, all bookmarked content is also deleted. This action cannot be undone.

    Edit and Delete tools

Removing Bookmarks
  • From the folder, click the Remove Bookmark link for the article you would like to remove in the folder.

    Remove Bookmark link in Folder

  • From the summary, video, or article, click the Bookmark icon and then click the Remove Bookmark link from the resulting menu.

    Bookmark icon and Remove Bookmark link in article page