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Accel5 - Browsing Videos

Accel5 videos have been created to encourage self-directed, micro-learning when it's convenient for you. Content can be consumed in five minutes or less.

Please note: Because implementations of Accel5 may vary by organization, your available content and settings may differ from this example.

To browse videos in Accel5:

  1. From the Accel5 home screen, use the left and right arrows to scroll through the Featured Videos carousel or click the View More link to view a result list of all videos.

    Video carousel

  2. Sort your video results by Most Recent, or Title using the drop-down menu at the top, or click on a title to view a video.

    Video results

  3. Click the Play button to view the video or select from one of the options on the left.

    Video page

  4. Use the icons in the upper-right to E-mail or save the video to your bookmarks.